We help energy companies gain actionable insights from their data through AI.

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Advanced analytics for the energy sector.

AI is applicable in various industries and energy sector is among those with most use cases - the combination of the high amount of data generated every minute with the need for balancing of the grid system makes the usage of advanced analytics a necessity when it comes to extracting the insights to optimize the system on local, regional, and international level for different parties in the sector.

Non-technical losses arise from energy theft, Conveyance, and Unmetered Supplies. GridMetrics can help with NTLs minimization by identifying and pointing out offenders among the client base of DSOs, identifying conveyance due to legally consumed but not properly recorded consumption, and minimizing the difference between UMS estimates and actual consumption creates a non-technical loss.
Energy Theft

This is еnergy that has been illegally taken from the network through tampering with meters or other network assets. This is taken without the knowledge of an energy company and leads to differences between estimated and actual electricity consumption. Energy Theft increases DSOs losses and creates serious electrical hazards for both those stealing the power and those working on the network.


These are losses that arise when electricity is consumed but not correctly recorded. Situations arise where energy is legally consumed but is not properly recorded. This can occur due to inaccuracies in meter readings, unregistered meter points, errors in registration or faulty meters. These errors result in a discrepancy between actual and measured consumption, meaning energy is lost in the system.

Unmetered Supplies

Unmetered supplies (UMS) are used for the communal areas in council-owned buildings, street lamps, bus stops, and advertising boards. Unmetered supply customers provide inventories of their connected electrical equipment and estimated consumption. Although audits are made of these inventories and accurate updates are requested, they are not always provided and may change frequently. The difference between UMS estimates and actual consumption creates a non-technical loss too."

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About GridMetrics

We leverage large amounts of data, self-learning algorithms and energy expertise to help companies gain actionable insights.

Key benefits of our solutions:

On-premise,cloud or hybrid solution
No additional hardware investment
Multiple data sources to maximize accuracy
A team combining AI and energy expertise
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Head of Engineering
An experienced full stack developer, who served as CTO for two different companies. He has knowledge in designing and building complex software architectures.
Head of Business Development
Business development and energetics background. He has specialized in b2b sales for complex tech solutions selling for 130+ tech companies by Co-founding Out2Bound and holds a Masters degree in “Economics and Management in Energetics, Utilities and Public Infrastructure”.
Combining technical background and b2b sales experience. He used to sell software for over 10 companies. He co-founded Netlyt which gave him knowledge about how AI systems work and more corporate sales and account management experience.
AI Architect
An AI researcher and a AI solution architect. He had worked on numerous AI projects and has lead GridMetrics' AI efforts.
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